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For a limited time, get 25% off books 4-6 in the Romance Island Resort rock star romance series!

Welcome back to paradise, where the romance is as hot as the weather and the tides aren’t all that’s surging beneath the surface.

Three bargain priced bestsellers in one box!

This box set includes:

    • The Rock Star and the Billionaire (#4)
  • The Rock Star Wants A Wife (#5)
  • The Rock Star’s Wedding (#6)

for 25% off the price of buying the books separately.

Get your copy now from iBooks, Amazon, Kobo, Google Play and Nook.


20 Shades of Shifter is a limited edition collection of new and exclusive paranormal romance novels guaranteed to suck you in from page one (And page one is the first page of Roar: Goldilocks Retold, because it’s the first book in the collection.)

A shape-shifting dragon must win over his reluctant mate and stop Jack the Ripper. A Fae trucker becomes allies with an MC member when trying to deliver magical motorcycles to the Fae Queen. A wolf shifter is held captive in a human research lab where he is tortured until he meets one sexy scientist. An angel risked it all to steal the elixir of life and save his mortal love’s life and over two millennia later must get her to remember she once loved an angel. These stories and many more are included in this steamy, hot collection.

Don’t wait to read this set. It is only out for a short time before it will be gone forever!

20 Shades of Shifter Box Set is available at Amazon.





Grab a bundle of free and 99c romance reads HERE

And more than fifty more romance reads to fall in love with HERE.

Some of the free books available include:

Back from Hell by Marissa Dobson

The Break by Erica Sand

Bayside Promises by Stacy Claflin

Doubts & Desires by Thea Dawson

Sweet Solace by Alexa Padgett

Claimed by Choice by Lilah Walker

Oceans of Obsessions by Jennifer Jones

Let it Snow by Abra Harrington

Double Protection by Selina Coffey

Billionaire’s Home by Sienna Chance

Joked Up by Summer Cooper

Cupid’s Caress by Josie Litton

Pam of Babylon by Suzanne Jenkins

Sweet Solace by Alexa Padgett

Berlin Nocturne by Miranda Jameson

Losing His Shirt by Linda Fausnet

Fierce Heartbreaker by Liza Street

April’s Ghost by Juliet Vane

Single Dad’s Bride by Ashlee Price

December Magic by Tracey Mayhew

Loved by the Alpha Leader by Anastasia Chase

The Orphan Next Door by Alisha Star

The Dirty Doctor’s Touch by Alizeh Valentine

Dared by Five by Bethany Jadin

Maid by Misbehave by Ruby Steele

Maid for the Rock Star by Demelza Carlton

Burned by Teagan Kade

Snowbound Kisses by Julia Imari

The Fae by Hallie Goodway

His Last Race by Megan Matthews

Beachside Kiss by Andy Wayne

Conviction by Ellie Danes

Antonio and Sabrina Struck In Love by Chiquita Dennie

Pureblood Panther by Jolie Day

Blooms on the Bones by Yvonne Kohano

The Counterfeit Duke by Agnes Forest

The Other Half of Me by Jennifer Sivec

Justice for All by Olivia Hardin

One (extra) Dirty Scot by Donna Alam

No Love Lost by Kitty Ryan

Blood Bound by J.L. Myers

Shatterproof by Sandy Rideout

Hard Bargain by Haley Pierce

Drowning in Talon by DJ Hunnam

Guarding Her Heart by Laura Haley-McNeil

The Test by Gregg Bell

Daylight Follows by Michelle Dare

Professed Love by Kenna Shaw Reed

Flirt by Jenna Paul

Daddy Come Home by Suzanne Hart

Off Limits by Alexis Winter

Caught Between Dragons by Meg Ripley

Taken Backstage by Jade Allen

Never Reckless by Lana Cameo

Piece by Piece by Aeris Lize

Vampyre Doll by Shelique Lize

Auction to Him by Charlotte Byrd

The Billionaire’s Bachelor by Sloane Peterson

Forward by J. Saman

Worth the Wait by Annie Boone

…and HERE.




If you like your stories on the short side, there’s a stack of free short stories and short story collections HERE.

Get some more free reads in the Big Book Bundle Giveaway HERE.

Or a whole Winter Wonderland worth of romance HERE.

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There’s a whole bundle of free romances from indie authors HERE.

If purely fantasy is your thing, there’s an unbelievable array of free fantasy books HERE.

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There’s a bundle of free historical romance and historical fiction for all you history buffs HERE.